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“This place is awesome! The food is seriously freaking delicious and has so much flavor ! AND They do deliveries! Perfect.”

Hailah F.

“It was delivered with a smile and they even gave us a couple of treats to try on the house. Awesome food and service. Do yourself a favor and check them out!”

Angela R.

"Is the best food I have ever had before when it comes to a restaurant Mediterranean."

Sabir A.

“The food was amazingly good, fish was crispy and tasty, and the chicken was delicious. Try them, you will not be disappointed!"

Syed Z.

"Best food, great service!”
"My new favorite food are their fruits and nafaqa."

Zeytun A.

“This Place is Amazing. Great food and Good Customer Service. Looking forward to visit the place with my friends.”

Umesh N.

“This is the best restraunt I made an order got it on time and the customer service was great.”

Abbas S.

“The prices are very reasonable and I will definitely recommend it to everyone!”

Syed Z.

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